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Hair transplants by leading surgeons

We seek the best in all fields for procedures and invite doctors as well as patients with an interest in learning more about private cosmetic to get in touch with us.

Recent examples of those pursuing aesthetic excellence programmes include: Jon Sen (neurosurgeon, PhD, MRCS) and Edward White (neurosurgeon, PhD, FRCS)

“I want to use my skills to improve the lives of patients in a new way. The depth and integrity of the Private Cosmetic team gave me complete confidence.” Jon Sen

“It’s a big step for people to take, I have not worked with anyone other than Private Cosmetic, but sometimes, can’t understand why people aren’t more selective.” Edward White

Surgeons of such calibre have performed many thousands of operations and have reputations to protect, we are grateful for their support and recognise their contribution both to cosmetics and the wider field of medicine.

Hair transplants at world class facilities

The facilities used meet the very highest regulatory requirements and prioritise care, comfort and innovation.
Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or Follicular unit extraction (FUE) are used. Both take 6 hours under local anaesthetic, care must be taken for 14 days post operation.
For FUT, a strip of hair bearing skin is removed and divided into individual grafts which are implanted into tiny scalp incisions prior to stitching.
In FUE, a punch device is used to remove individual hair grafts from shaved scalp prior to implantation via incisions.
A permanent change in appearance results, clients should take care in surgeon selection and understanding risks.

Confidential, expert advice

Low-impact procedure

Treatment at a time to suit you

Excellent aftercare

World class aftercare

We recommend that patients consider carefully the ongoing support offered by the treating clinician or clinical team member.

It is not unreasonable to expect regular contact to, for example, monitor progress, schedule activities such as removal of bandages or (insoluble) stitches and look out for occasional negative reactions (allergy, bleeding etc).

Contact with your clinician during the entire period in which transplants ‘take’ (up to 14 months) should be available before you are discharged. Recent ‘medical’ tourism cases in news have highlighted the importance of this stage in the process.

What is a hair transplant?

This minor procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic.  The grafts are inserted using a special tool.

When do I see hair growth?

Hair roots typically show new growth in 3 months. You may see some hair loss as the follicles take root.

When can I go back to work?

This really depends on your job. If you are mostly office based, you could be at work in a few days.

Will my hair transplant hurt?

The procedure itself will not hurt, however, you may experience mild discomfort dealt with by aspirin.

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