When Will My Hair Transplant Start to Grow New Hair?

When Will My Hair Transplant Start to Grow New Hair?

When Will My Hair Transplant Start to Grow New Hair?

A hair transplant is a method of moving hair follicles from areas that are unlikely to be affected by hair loss, such as the back and sides of the head and moving them to areas that have already gone bald and lost hair. As you might expect with this kind of surgery, the new hair that you are hoping for is unlikely to be visible straight away.  This often gives the recipient of the transplant the impression that the transplanted hair has failed to grow or is failing to grow on their head.  There are a number of reasons why this may seem to be the case.


Stress on transplanted hair

Even though there is little likelihood of long-term damage occurring, it should be acknowledged that you have effectively had hair and the follicle in which the hair grows, taken from one place on the head and moved to another position.  This is stressful for transplanted hair even if the transplant is viable (as most are).

There is a period following the surgery where the hair, in effect, reattaches itself to the scalp and to its blood and nutrient supplies.


Loss of transplanted hair following the hair transplant

Whilst this goes on, you might notice that some of the transplanted hair follicles start to shed their hairs.  This typically occurs about 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure and is a totally normal, if distressing, part of the therapy.

This stages typically lasts for around four months.


When will my hair transplant start to grow?

At around the three to four months mark, you will start to get new growth of transplanted follicles.   Whilst this will begin to give you some confidence in the success of your therapy, you will still be a long way from the final results. This first growth of hair only represents 20% of the final visual result.

Over the next few months, your hair will continue to grow.  In 6 months around 80% of hair follicles are experiencing some growth. However, the follicles will still be weakened from the ideal. However, the thickness of the hair and the amount of hair being produced in each follicle will only be around half of the final result.

At 12-24 months the final result is achieved as the transplanted hair returns to its pre-transplanted thickness. You will also see other hairs near the hair transplant and donor sites growing and blending in to hide the remaining signs of surgery.

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