What Causes Sudden Hair Loss?

What Causes Sudden Hair Loss?

Sudden hair loss can come as quite a shock to anyone who is suffering from the condition.  There are plenty of reasons for the problem, and it can occasionally be part of another medical condition that can be reversed over time with medication.

If however, your sudden hair loss was not due to a reversible medical condition, then it may be time to look at the range of hair treatments available from Private Cosmetic.


What causes sudden hair loss?

Hair growth is not a continual process. The human body goes through cycles of hair replacement. There is usually a resting period of 2-3 months, then the hair falls out and a new hair grows in its place.

Having some hair loss over the normal course of the day is completely normal. It’s the reason that showers drainage gets blocked, but excessive sudden hair loss should be investigated, as there is most likely an underlying cause.  There are typically four main causes of hair loss namely, alopecia, thyroid disease, medical treatment and lifestyle issues.


Alopecia and sudden hair loss

Alopecia is the most common reason for sudden hair loss.  There are a number of variations of Alopecia. Alopecia Areata causes patchy baldness on the scalp, usually in round patches. This kind of problem frequently goes into remission, but sometimes the sufferer may never recover.

Your immune system can also cause problems resulting in a condition called Alopecia Totalis can result in the entire sudden loss of head hair A related condition is known as Alopecia Universalis. This variant of the condition usually results in an entire loss of all body hair as well as the hair on your head.

Another cause of sudden hair loss is referred to as traction alopecia.  This is more common in women and is caused by wearing your hair in too tight of buns, braids, or ponytails. This typically causes weakened roots.


Sudden hair loss in thyroid disease

Thyroid issues are far more than a cosmetic problem.  Whilst it can cause hair loss, it should be treated as a holistic medical problem. Thyroid problems usually correct once the hormone imbalance is repaired. Surgery is usually not required to return hair, however, treatments such as laser hair therapy can improve blood flow to the affected areas and can encourage hair growth to return.


Lifestyle and medical problems that cause sudden hair loss

Similar problems can also be caused by lifestyle problems and medical problems. Improving diet and sleep can have a wide range of improvements to health, both physical and mental.  Losing hair is a common result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy.  These normally revert to normal function once the treatment is successful.

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