How Do I Make My Hair Grow?

How Do I Make My Hair Grow?

From dodgy haircuts to male pattern baldness that are all manner of reason why someone may want to make their hair grow.  However, for most men, it is the thinning of the hair that means they start to ask about making hair grow?

Male pattern baldness is a well-understood problem, but it is typical of the way we think of hair loss.  Male pattern baldness is reversible through hair transplants, but there are other treatments that can help delay the onset of baldness

Part one involved making sure that you are eating a healthy balanced diet and are taking plenty of regular exercise. This ensures that nutrients continue to reach the right places in your body and will also help to lower stress, another major factor in hair loss

You should also make sure that you are using the right shampoo.  If you are in the early stages of hair loss, then you really should look to the many caffeine-based shampoos such as Plantur 39 and Alpecin that can help increase blood flow to the afflicted areas.  As well as stimulating the hair follicle, these shampoos also help to strengthen the existing hair, this helps to give the appearance of more hair which can be used to mask the hair loss by a good barber.

A good barber is also key to hiding the loss of hair.  These skilled professionals are able to create haircuts using layer lengths etc, that hide some of the worst parts of the hair loss.

One final prevention treatment is laser hair growth treatment.  This uses low power lasers to stimulate blood and hair follicle growth. The lasers used are known as cold lasers.  Their energy is not released as heat, but at a wavelength where it will repair tissue by stimulating blood supply

The red-light travels beyond the top levels of the scalp and works in conjunction with a cream applied to the skin, improving the thickness of existing hair and promote the growth of new hair.

If, after all of these treatments, you are still losing hair, then you may wish to talk to one of our independent hair transplant surgeons. They will be able to advise you on a number of possible routes including some of the best hair transplants techniques available in the world today. Use the form below to book a free, no-obligation consultation with an independent hair transplant surgeon near you.

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