Do Hair Transplants Work Long Term?

Do Hair Transplants Work Long Term?

Hair transplants have come on by leaps and bounds in recent years and now produce much better and more realistic results.  However, there is still a large amount of surgical skill involved in ensuring that the transplant meets the requirements of the patient.


What can go wrong in the long term with hair implants?

The main problems faced by hair transplants are the same as are faced when you go bald.  There are relatively few parts of the head that are left untouched by the worst cases of male pattern baldness.  Whilst the majority of the hair is taken from donation spots on the sides and back of the head, if you suffer from severe hair loss, the surgeon may not have such good material to work with.

This can mean one of two choices, either call off the surgery, or to offer to carry out the work, but with the proviso that it may not be possible to meet the aspirations of the client in the long term.


Balding can continue

It’s worth remembering that baldness is not cured by hair transplants. If your transplanted hair follicles were extracted from in areas prone to baldness later on, then hair loss will trigger in the transplanted segments.


Alternatives to the hair transplant for severe balding

The other option that becomes available in more severe hair loss situations is scalp micropigmentation. This works because rather than taking hair from the remaining areas of growth, this technique gives the illusion of hair growth by placing shaded layers of pigment on the head of the client.  Combined with a close-cropped haircut, this technique creates the illusion of hair. Of course, anyone touching the head is likely to notice that the skin is smooth and not covered in stubble.


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