Can Parasites Cause Hair Loss?

Can Parasites Cause Hair Loss?

Parasites are a type of animal (usually insects) or plant that have to live on or in another animal to survive. Although it sounds disgusting, many humans will have parasites or have had them at some time in the past.  In fact, if you had head lice as a child, then you have already suffered from a type of parasite.


How do you usually get parasites?

Parasites usually get into the body in contaminated food or water or live in or on the skin and hair. Swimming in rivers which can be rife with parasites can lead them to get into the skin. Various worm-like parasites can infect the stomach, scabies can burrow into the skin, whilst head lice and crab lice are often found in head and body hair respectively.  Hair parasites usually come from hair to hair contact.


How do parasites cause hair loss?

Parasites rarely cause problematic hair loss. Most of the damage caused is reversible over time.  However, if you are starting to suffer from male pattern baldness, the hair that is lost due to parasites is all the more important to your hairstyle.  It may be that the hair you are seeing disappearing from your head was helping to cover a patch of male pattern baldness.  This is how it can appear that you are losing significant amounts of hair.

On a more biological level, most parasites cause irritation. As the skin becomes inflamed it damages the hair follicles which can then no longer hold onto the hair shafts and in serious cases lead to bald patches and thinning hair.

The body’s first line of defence is to send large supplied of white blood cells to the affected areas to try to deal with inflamed skin tissues and the itching and irritations. These white blood cells will not supply the nutrients that hair needs in order to be healthy and grow.


Restoring hair following parasites

There are a number of treatments that are available that help rebuild hair following parasites. These range from laser hair therapy were laser light is used to stimulate hair follicle and their associated blood vessels to caffeine-based shampoos.

However, if you believe that you are suffering from the more severe form of hair loss, such as male pattern balding, it makes sense to see one of Private Cosmetics independent hair transplant surgeons who will be able to advise you on long-term treatments to put things right. Use the form below to book a free, no-obligation consultation with an independent hair transplant surgeon near you.

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