Can I Get Finance for a Hair Transplant?

Can I Get Finance for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants are a lasting investment in improving your physical appearance in one of the most noticeable parts of your body. The hair transplant can take care of a number of physical and psychological issues that can prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve in both your professional and personal life.

Whilst it is not a solution for complex emotional issues, for many people restoring their full head of hair is enough to put these issues behind them and fully regain their confidence.  Appearance issues and the ability to represent yourself in the manner you see fit is an important boost to the ego.


How much does a hair transplant cost?

A hair cost will typically cost £4000 in the UK.  However, that is an average price for a FUE hair transplant. If you are using a different form of surgery such as FUT, the price will vary.

Even within an FUE surgery, the price will vary depending on the amount of work that there is for the surgeon to carry out.  In basic terms, if you are nearing complete baldness, the amount of hair that will need to be transplanted will be greater than if you suffer from light receding at the temples. This takes more time for the surgeon and his team to complete and therefore comes at a higher cost.  The range tends to be between £2,000 and £5,600.


Is financing available for a hair transplant?

Most people in the UK are unused to paying for surgery.  So it is of little surprise that UK citizens frequently forget to ask if surgeons are able to offer finance options. The answer is, many surgeons, including the independent surgeons who work with Private Cosmetic, can offer surgery through finance options that frequently include interest-free options. Hair transplants are usually offered on a 12-month repayment basis.


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