Which Gynecomastia Treatments Give the Best Results?

Which Gynecomastia Treatments Give the Best Results?

Gynecomastia is a common problem. In fact during those early years of puberty, when there are a rush of hormones and when increases in height come in spurts it will at some time effect most boys for a short period.

It’s frequently during these adolescent times that the seeds of insecurity can be planted that leads to the social stigma around gynecomastia (or the formation of moobs) in adulthood.  According to the BBC Advice website, about 90% of men will notice their breasts enlarging at some point in their life. So if it hasn’t affected you yet, there’s a pretty high chance that at some point it will as you age.


What treatments are available for my man-boobs?

In most cases, gynecomastia can be easily treated by exercise, and this should always be your first line of attack on the problem.

As in most things in life, the key to success is sweating regularly. If you’re not in the best of shape, to begin with, start with a low-impact regime, such as swimming or elliptical exercises. Then you can move onto a daily cardio routine to get your pulse racing and your body and mind in tune for an active lifestyle.

A regular rowing routine won’t specifically target chest fat, but it will tone the upper body.

Finally, you can begin a free-weight course that should help balance your muscle and shift the remainder of your bosoms. Most gyms offer free weight courses, but if you would rather work at your own pace then check online for a number of free to use programmes that will help you to keep the weight away.


What other non-invasive gynecomastia treatments exist?

If you require short-term relief a number of options are available for tight, elasticated t-shirts that flatten the figure.  These can prevent the jiggling effect and chaffing that can occur, as well as making you look visually better, as long as you keep the shirt on, of course

There are also a number of drugs that may work if used if used in conjunction with exercise and diet improvements, however many of the treatments still have unclear results.


What about gynecomastia surgery?

If you have tried all of the other methods and are still left with man boobs, then gynecomastia surgery could be a solution.

The procedure is only available in the most extreme cases on the NHS, but a high-quality surgeon will be able to treat you in a private clinic for around £3,500 to £4,500.  Using a combination of techniques including liposuction, your surgeon will sculpt the new you.  The surgery offers good quality and fast results.

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