How do Gynecomastia Vests Work?

How do Gynecomastia Vests Work?

Gynecomastia is a complaint that around 90% of men will face at some point during their lives.  Typically occurring in young males and men of middle age and older.

The main symptom of the condition sometimes humorously referred to as man boobs or moobs is a growth of the male breast tissue causing social embarrassment and occasionally physical discomfort.


Exercise is the first option for treating gynecomastia

There are many techniques on the market to reduce the effects, but before any of the more serious options such as gynecomastia surgery are carried out, it is recommended that a course of vigorous exercise and diet is followed. For many men afflicted by this condition, this will be the only course of action that is required.  But, what if your physical appearance has affected your psychological self-worth or you just want instant results whilst working on sculpting your body through exercise? What is the quick fix solution?

The answer is, of course, to turn to a sportswear fashion solution known as a gynecomastia vest.  If you have ever seen your girlfriend struggling into a pair of Spanx undergarments you will already be aware of the basic concept behind a gynecomastia vest.  Don’t worry though, this male variant is nowhere near as extreme.


How do compression t-shirts and vests work?

Compression T-shirts and Compression Vests are worn like regular t-shirts and vests to give you a flat and smooth chest.  Gynecomastia vests and t-shirts offer powerful compression. They are not the same as ordinary sports compressions shirts. Some of the vest type garments are made even tighter and incorporate a special additional layer of compression throughout the front for extra chest and stomach compression. These vests are very powerful and suitable to wear as an undershirt under regular shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and sports shirts.


See an independent gynecomastia surgeon with Private Cosmetic

If however, your exercise regimen does not result in the looks you seek, then its time to consult a specialist surgeon.  NHS treatment for this condition is rare, as it is for most people a purely cosmetic procedure. Luckily, gynecomastia surgery in the private sector with a top cosmetic surgeon can cost as little as £3,500.

At Private Cosmetic we specialise in putting patients in touch with leading independent surgeons, so if you feel that you would benefit from surgery for gynecomastia use the form below to book a free consultation with an independent gynecomastia surgeon near you.

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