Can I Get Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Breast Reduction on the NHS?

Can I Get Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Breast Reduction on the NHS?

The NHS is a wonderful institution providing urgent and lifesaving care, but it does have a number of services that it strictly rations.  These tend to be the more cosmetic procedures. So while it is not impossible to get cosmetic treatments as gynecomastia surgery through the NHS, they do tend to limit them in cases where physical health or severe mental health symptoms are not involved.


How can I obtain a male breast reduction on the NHS?

In blunt terms, most potential candidates will never meet the requirements for NHS care for male breast reduction, as it is seen as a largely cosmetic procedure. However, some people do occasionally manage to get this treatment from the public service.

To find out if you can obtain the operation through the NHS your first point of call should be your local GP. However unless the surgery is needed to deal with pain, or a disfigurement then you are likely to join an extremely long waiting list.

Cosmetic surgery for male breast reduction is a very low priority for the National Health Service and it is treated accordingly. To qualify for cosmetic surgery on the NHS you must meet specific requirements and will have to meet with both a plastic surgeon and a psychiatrist, to see how badly the condition is affecting you and your mental health.


Can I get NHS help for gynecomastia if I am in pain?

You may have more hope of treatment if you are suffering pain and discomfort that cannot be alleviated by wearing a special gynecomastia vest.  However, if you are suffering from what is effective “jogger’s nipple” then you are unlikely to qualify for NHS help.


If I can’t get NHS treatment for gynecomastia can I go private?

Private Cosmetic is a specialist company that puts clients in touch with high-quality independent cosmetic surgeons.  Unlike NHS treatment, there is no rationing of the services available and you can soon put the mental scars of suffering from gynecomastia behind you.

Costs for male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) do differ, however it is typically in the £3,500 to £4,500 range. Surgery can be arranged for any convenient time and will be carried out in a high-quality private clinic.

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