As doctors and patients themselves, we, the founding partners of Private Cosmetic recognised that the field of cosmetic surgery was divided.

Costly service providers were directive in approach, seemingly valuing luxury and status over medical performance. ’Lead generating’ websites appeared indiscriminate, introducing ‘cowboys’ interested only in parting patients from cash.

The partners realised that there was a need for a selective service, by which patients might access leading surgeons at competitive rates.

“I have recently engaged with Private Cosmetic, and I will not use anyone else.” Jon Sen PhD, MRCS (Neurosurgeon)

Why choose Private Cosmetic?




We pride ourselves on our personal, tailor-made services.

The best surgeons practice both privately and in the NHS and seek to make a positive difference to the lives of patients. Such leaders engage with Private Cosmetic because their standards match ours. Meet our some of our newest surgical leaders from the high intensity field of neurosurgery:

  • Edward White PhD, FRCS. Consultant neurosurgeon Edward has performed countless life saving procedures: “When entering the field of cosmetics, I really shopped around”;
  • Jon Sen PhD, MRCS. Author of ‘The Handbook of Clinical Neurosurgery’, Jon has treated patients in the world’s most challenging conditions;
  • Miranda Ryan MB BS. Treating celebrities from Harley Street, Miranda is a regular contributor to TV and print media on topics like: midlife conditions and dermatology: “Being in the public eye, I must protect my reputation. This group gave me great confidence”.

Private facilities –
first class care

We take care not only to work with the best surgeons but consider stringently the setting in which they operate. We ask many questions of such premises and visit each site with clinicians who verify that:

  • The latest technology is available;
  • Standards of hygiene and care are very high or excellent;
  • Technical staff are skilled and efficient;
  • Breakout areas are comfortable;
  • Data is managed securely;
  • Patients are supported and cared for intensively;

We encourage all considering a procedure to make their own enquiries. We only work with the best.

Both men and women choose to have cosmetic surgery for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever your reason for choosing treatment for hair problems or gynecomastia, you can be sure that our top surgeons  will provide you with first class care.  Complete the form below to book your free consultation today

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